Box Making Machinery: So Simple, Even a Child Could Use It

Box Making Machinery: So Simple, Even a Child Could Use It

When it comes to gadgets, the most simple can often be the best. Sometimes, we don’t want to try and understand technical complexities, we just want to press a button and let the gadget do the work for us.

With this box making machinery from BCS, users can easily create bespoke cardboard boxes at the touch of a button. This easy-to-use machine is a fantastic tech toy for businesses who regularly ship varying orders and need a variety of box sizes.

How to Operate the Machinery

According to BCS, the Boxer requires no previous training to operate, which means it is so simple to use, even a child could operate it! All the user needs to do is input the data which can be done remotely via PC or phone and insert the corrugated sheeting. Then watch as the machinery creates your box before your very eyes!

How Box Making Machinery Benefits Businesses

A box making machine enables businesses to stop relying on bulk-buying standard size boxes. This can be costly for companies, as they require sufficient warehouse space to store the boxes, as well as the time spent searching for a box that fits the product.

With the BCS Boxer, businesses can create their own boxes for shipping, which means they will always be able to find the perfect size box. As these boxes can be made on demand, there is no need to take up large amounts of costly warehouse space, just store the corrugated sheeting in efficiently flat piles.

Watch How Simple the BCS Boxer is to Operate

See for yourself just how simple it is to operate this box making machinery! Watch how the user inputs the data via the touch screen and waits a few seconds until the machine has created a series of slits and slots which is then picked up by the user, ready to be assembled!

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