How Technology Has Developed in 2017

How Technology Has Developed in 2017

What technologies have we seen grow this year and what can we expect in the future?

Technology has radically grown this year and it’s exciting yet a little frightening how much it will develop this year. From mobile phones to robots, there’s no doubt that we’re really getting more knowledgeable about world around us and what we are capable of achieving. So how have we developed in the year 2017?

Facial Recognition.

Even though facial recognition has been a working progress for a while, this year we’ve got that little bit further in the technology. In China, they have developed a way to pay for products using a face scanner and while the necessity of this has been questioned, it’s still very clever development. The world was impressed with the fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone and to log in to banking sites, so imagine how another year of development can benefit the technology.

Sex robots.

A relatively new discovery which is a real talking point at moment is sex robots and just how close robots and humans are getting. From realistic sex dolls to the robotic dolls with pre-programmed emotions, it’s clear how far this technology has improved in such a short space of time. There is some debate as to the need for these and whether they’re morally acceptable, but there is no doubt that the technology is impressive and will only get more advanced over time.

Self-driving cars and trucks.

A definite way of transforming the way we live years down the line, self-driving vehicles have developed in an unbelievable way. There are some arguments about job losses however, as truck drivers would eventually be obsolete and something robotic could be on the roads couldn’t possibly be the safest of decisions, but developers sure think there is potential for this technology.

360-degree photographs.

Cameras have developed rapidly and the ability to take a 360-degree image are changing the way people share stories online. The ability for a photo or video to be explored by using a mouse or finger to move to which part of the footage or still you want to see, with everything staying in sync is rather extraordinary, and something that will only improve. This sort of technology will come at a price, but it’s definitely worth exploring.

Reinforcement learning.

It’s astonishing how computers are now figuring out how to do things without us necessarily teaching them how to do it. It makes sense that if a human does something enough, they’ll be taught how to do it and becomes almost second nature to them, and this now seems something we should expect in the future from technology development.