Lighting Tips for Wedding Photography

Lighting Tips for Wedding Photography

Have you ever wondered how photographers manage to make couples look amazing in their wedding photos? Maybe you’re looking to re-create professional looking images but don’t know where to begin? Being a wedding photographer can be hard – often you have to work in dark settings, don’t have much time to capture a moment, and you have no choice but to adapt to any scenario. For all photography, lighting is the key to getting those amazing shots. Whether you’re looking to create moody, dark images, or for something a little more bright, follow our top 5 tips to create the perfect lighting for any wedding, courtesy of Yorkshire Wedding Photographer ILTO Photography.

Invest in some high-end equipment

Sometimes, just knowing where to start can be the main problem. No matter how prepared or talented you are, without a good quality camera, the images won’t look professional. Next, purchase some good quality flashlights – a lot of venues have very low lighting, which can make photographing difficult. A monopad will help to keep your camera steady, making it perfect for shooting the ceremony or speeches.


Additional lighting is key

Photographers can’t just rely on the lighting from their on-camera flash, the venue or even from a flashgun. Most wedding photographers will use off camera lighting to ensure their images are perfect, even in bright light or as the evening comes in.  Speedlites are key when shooting weddings. Our top tip? Mount a speedlite on a light stand for precision when shooting and use alongside another speedlite mounted to your camera. Today, most camera equipment can be controlled and triggered remotely so wedding photographers have the ultimate control over their images.

Learn how to use Diffused Light

Wedding venues, such as converted barns or churches, often have very little or low lighting. If using a flash, or speedlite, try to avoid direct flash, as the light is flat and harsh. Bouncing your light off surfaces – such as the walls or ceiling means that the light will be softer on your guests and the bride and groom. Alternatively, you might want to buy a flash diffuser to further soften the light and reduce the risk or harsh shadows.

Be wary of the venue or DJ lighting

Talk to the venue or DJ beforehand to determine which lights will be on and when throughout the day. Often, DJ’s lights are bright and overpowering, and can ruin shots. Be sure to ask about speeches, the first dance and any other important evening activity to make sure unexpected lighting doesn’t ruin any of the important pictures. Cover all eventualities so that you can focus on what you’re there for – taking beautiful, creative shots!

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