Tips and Gadgets for Mobile Filming

Tips and Gadgets for Mobile Filming

With video content on the rise, these days, everyone fancies themselves as a director or videographer. With mobile phones evolving, and 4k video and specialised features now coming as standard on most models, it’s easier than ever before to shoot videos using your smartphone. Sounds easy right? Follow our simple tips below find out how to create professional looking videos even an agency would be proud of.

Invest in some extra kit

While it is possible to create a great video using your smartphone alone, investing in some nifty gadgets can make things a whole lot easier, resulting in a more high-quality video. Clip on lenses are a great place to begin if your filming knowledge is still quite sparse. There’s plenty of options available, from fish-eye to macro lenses, and companies often sell them in relatively cheap sets, meaning you can easily experiment with different features without investing too much of your hard-earned cash. Lighting is so important when it comes to filming and, as most of us will already know, smartphone flashes aren’t the best. Luckily for you, there are plenty of light sources available that will work alongside your smartphone and offers users great flexibility to enhance shooting.

Our top picks:

  1. iOgrapher Case: These clever cases are multi-tasking, allowing you to not only steady your shots but also to attach to a tripod, lens or other equipment.
  2. Olloclip Lenses: Branded as ‘the world’s best lens system’ these guys have so many different products to choose from and are so easy to use – simply clip on and go!
  3. Commlite CM-PL12II Adjustable Mini LED Light:  This super bright and powerful light attaches easily to any smartphone and fits in your pocket, allowing for easy transportation. It’s also rechargeable meaning it’s great for on the go.

Keep it still

There is nothing that shouts ‘amateur hour!’ more than a shaky video, especially when filming on the move. Arguably the most important aspect of any budding videographers kit, investing in a tripod is the key to creating professional looking videos. Alternatively, forgo the tech and use your own body to keep things steady. Hold your phone in both hands, lock your elbows against your body and see those little jolts disappear. If you want to add some controlled movements into the shot, move your entire upper body in the direction you’re filming, rather than just the phone – you can thank us later.

Apps to the rescue

Most filmmakers should be well versed in video editing, but did you know that everything you could once only do on a laptop or desktop computer can now be done on a smartphone? While you can easily do some light editing on your phone’s inbuilt operating system, such as trimming the length of the clip or adding basic filters, for anything more complex you’ll have to download some heavier apps such as Splice, Google’s Photos app and Filmic Pro.

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