Wedding Videography: Choosing the Best Video Camera

Wedding Videography: Choosing the Best Video Camera

I’m an expert in videography and work for Hawaiian Shirt Photography who specialise in the natural documentation of your wedding day. (Find out more: Wedding Videography Surrey). This means that I know a lot about video and video cameras. So I’ve pulled together this short guide that enables you to know what to look for in a good video camera. Whether you want to shoot home videos or something that looks more professional, this should help.


Ultimately, price does matter. It can be a great indication of what the camera is like. If you’re looking for something simple that you can use to capture easy videos for home life, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get something that meets your requirements. In fact, most smartphones these days can capture videos that help you remember birthdays, funny moments or simply those little daily things that make up your life. If this is your purpose, then you can find basic video camera for under £50. These make great presents for children!

If you want something more professional, however, a camera can cost anything from £900. The higher quality products that produce the highest quality film and video often cost several thousand pounds. Of course, if you want a higher end camera for wedding videography or professional services, the more research you can do the better.

Extra Equipment

There are so many different considerations to bring into the picture (excuse the pun) when it comes to shooting high quality videos, especially if they’re for special events like my area of expertise: weddings.

One of the most important things I have to think about is lighting. If you want to get into professional photography or videography, understanding lighting it vital. A good photo or video must be shot in good light — the more natural the better — to create high quality images. There are loads of lighting products that can be bought for all different budgets.

When it comes to my style of videography, however, it’s a little different. I specialise in natural and candid photography, this means that I want everything to be as real and genuine as possible. With wedding videography, there’s also the limitation posed by the privacy and focus on the couple. If you were shooting an advert or short film, the position and intrusion of the camera is expected. Filming a wedding, however, means you can’t be too intrusive. You can’t tell a couple to have their first dance in a certain area. And even when taking photographs, I want to capture the genuine moments, no the go-stand-over-there moments. This means that I need the highest quality cameras.

High quality cameras can capture good footage in really low level lighting, which is an essential requirement for dark churches or dance halls. When looking for a camera, search out products that can shoot in low-level lighting.


The weight of a camera can be a big deciding factor. It depends on what you’re doing as to how much the weight of your camera matters. If your interested in travel videography and documentation, then you’re likely to need something light in order to not only keep weight limits down on plane trips, but also to not injure yourself when caring it around on your travels.

As a wedding expert, I need a camera that is relatively light. I have to carry the equipment around with me all day, following the bride, groom and guests as they move between church and reception, as well as being able to move quickly to capture the best moments of film. A heavy camera could not only cause me injury, but also slow me down and limit the shots I could take.

When doing your research, decide what maximum weight you want for your requirements. Look at the spec of a camera to find its weight.


Hopefully this information has helped you think about new things to consider when finding the best video camera for your needs. There are many other factors and each one will depend on why it is you’re looking for a camera.

If you would like to know more about wedding videography then go to Hawaiian Shirt’s website. There’s a collection of example videos so you can see the work that a high quality camera can produce.